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✦ Sierra Sprite Pack ✦

Full of attitude, beauty, and maybe a little tsundere. The Sierra sprite pack! ❀

[Certain accessories/clothing will be recolored in this pack, '**' represents these recolored accessories/clothing]

This pack contains:

⋆     3 outfits (School uniform, normal wear, & pajamas)

⋆     3 hairstyles (2 separate ponytails & one 1 long hairstyle)

⋆     14 accessories (4 bows & 4  beads for both ponytail**, 2 hair clips**, 1 pearl headband, 1 earring, 2 sleeping masks**)

⋆     10  mouths (worried, big smile, triangle pout, angry open, smirk, slightly open, closed smile, frown, silly, & pout)

⋆     20 eye variations (wink, blink, closed, looking center, looking side, and tears)

⋆      4 eyebrows (sad, confused, angry, & content)

PSD only

Single pose

Half body


You can edit this sprite for your non-commercial or personal projects.

Please do not use this sprite for commercial projects, edit for redistribution, or claim them as your own. 

No credit needed, but much appreciated! Link my itch.io if you feel like giving credit.

By me a Coffee!: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/CHIBIVN

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
TagsSlice Of Life, Sprites

Install instructions

After unzipping the file, you can share the PSD file to an app that allows you to view and edit the sprites layers.


school_girl_sprite.psd 5 MB


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This is great! I'm going to use it in a game!

Thanks! I hope it goes well!


Dropping by to say this is one of the best free packs out there! She has a ton of expressions and customizability! The PS makes it easy to add more to her as well, if you're so inclined. Thanks for the resource!

Thanks for the support! I'm glad you enjoyed my sprite pack and thank you again for using it!